Sunday, January 18, 2009 I'm "That Guy" at the supermarket...

Stacy and I typically do are shopping during the week or in the evenings to avoid the Weekend Shopper Rush, but yesterday, with nothing much to do, we decided to venture out to the local Meijer for some good grocery shopping experience. Well, it was pretty much the trip from HELL.

First, it seemed like everything on our list was sold out, not stocked, or being strategically blocked by a cart full of food with apparently no shopper to push it out of the way. Finally, after seemingly hours, we completed the list and heading for the checkout.

This is where things really get good. Becuase I feel bad for the Polar Bears and the Dodo Birds, I like to bring my own bags and bag my food. Well today, with 30 people in line behind us, I'm bagging as fast as I can. Apparently, we had Danica Patrick as our cashier becuase she was flinging food at me faster than a I could bag. I usually try to be all neat and tidy and organize, but at this point, I was just grabbing and stuffing.

Of course, with only like two items to go. I miss the bag. And it was with the jar of Garlic Alfreado Sauce. Yep, basically, I picked up and dropped it straight on to the tile floor. No clink. No bounce. Just SPLAT! Glass, alfredo, and garlic goodness everywhere. And since, it had already been rang up. I sent Stacy to get another one. So we waited. And Danica called for assistance. And called again. Finally, 13 people show up with signs, and mops. And I think one was even driving a zamboni cart of somesort.

So yes, I am that guy at the grocery store. If you were behind me, glaring and snarling, I hate you and I hope you got charged twice.

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Blarney said...

When I notice a line and they don't have a person bagging I bag really slow just to tick the checker off. I like to break them into finally giving up and calling for help. I also have been know to open something and eat it while shopping ... you otta see the look on the checkout gal when I hand her an open box to ring up. Yeah ~ I'm 'that' one in the store. Hee Hee!