Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scientists are close to perfecting cloak of invisibility. Huh?

According to an AP article, scientists are getting close to perfecting a method to create 3d objects invisible. To these brilliant scientists, you should come to my house when my wife is mad (especially if its becuase of something dumb that I did.) I can disappear like no-other. You can look around, and traces of me are still present. Underwear on the floor. Incorrectly opened box of oreos. Cereal box left wide open on the counter. But to the untrained eye, I've disappeared into the background. 


I'm in the garage.


I'm upstairs reading.

If she can't catch me...I can't get in trouble, right?


Jess @ NBP said...

LOL!! Thanks for a laugh.

Momma Val said...

Hey, you are a funny guy! Swinging over from SC. Think I'd like to get myself one of these cloaks. Thought they only existed in Harry Potter. Ha! Maybe if the cloak could hide all the crap the husbands leave out everywhere that may make more of the wives happy. lol :)

Matt's Miscellany said...

Thanks for checking out my posts. Don't tell my wife that I'm saying this, but if I didn't leave stuff laying around the house, she would know what to do with her time.

(Hehehe...Just joking, honey. I know you out there cyberstalking my blog somewhere.)