Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Quasebarth Family Scrabble Champion Crowned

Tonight was a night of Scrabble history. It was the traditional David v Goliath matchup. The heavily favored Scrabble professional saw her 2009 undefeated dreams dashed when the young up-and coming word pro, inked out an upset for the ages. Coming into the match-up, Matt Q. had not had a championship caliber performance in weeks. In fact, his last match-up, resulted in a 337-271 drubbing to the hands of the former champ.

But, as all good stories go, Matt's luck was about to change. Leading off the game, he struck first with a 66 pt bingo, by playing the word 'Actions'. This knocked the champ of her rocker. Stacy struggled back with several multi point plays, including a season high 76 point bingo play with the double word play of Steamers and Jogs, but even this effort was unable to gain any ground. Matt steadily gained on each play, building an incredible 40 point lead. 

In the end, even after the former-champs herculean effort, Matt prevailed 340 to 297. The new champion averaged nearly 20 points per play with an average wordsize of nearly 4 tiles per play. Weeks ago, Matt Q was known only as a restaurant manager from Middle of Nowwhere, Indiana, but today, he holds the crowning achievement of a lifetime. 

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Candid Carrie said...

Congratulations! Very Howard Cosell-ish. He'd be proud.