Tuesday, January 27, 2009


What I Hate about Winter by Douglas Florian

Frozen toes,
Runny nose.
Sloppy slush,
Holiday crush,
15 below,
Shoveling snow,
Leafless trees,
Cough and sneeze,
Shorter day,
Less time to play,
Salt-spreading tractors,
Windchill factors,
No place to go -
Winter is slow.

I just came across this poem by Mr. Florian, and it made me think of how much I hate this stuff. I know a lot of people talk about the fluff, and the gleam...but its the damn heat and humidity (or lack thereof) that kill me. Today, all day, it has been snowing and/or icing. It's a great day to be a restauranteur. I bet I shoveled the walkways, salted, and mopped at least 100 times. On top of that, I had to consistently monitor my labor, adjust my sales forecasts, and figure out how I could get by when 1 of 7 call offs occured. On top of that, I almost slid through an interesection into oncoming traffic. (Thank god for guardian angels with quick reactions). And to my utmost satisfaction, weather.com is telling me I get to do it all again tomorrow. Thank you doppler radar. Thank you, Mr. Chuck Lofton. My your toes freeze and you car heaters fail...

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