Monday, January 5, 2009

Yah...I cry...but it's man tears and they're tougher than regular tears

Yeah, so I cried like a little girl who lost her doll this weekend. Movies, books, sporting events can do this to me. Especially, when I turn to my wife, and she's bawling, it's tough to hold back. But like any man, my manly tears are different. They're not dainty little salt drops...these are tidal waves of force. I like to compare my tears to small little ninjas jumping out of my eyes ready to kick some ass. Think Steven Segal in Out for Justice (Video is a little graphic) but times 100.

Usually, the moment goes like this. Extremely dramatic moment, such as the ending of the Notebook or Marley & Me, occurs. I fidget a little. Sometimes I put my hat on. Take my had off. I can feel the ninjas forming in my body.

Deep breath.

By this time, (which is happen within seconds) the full cavalry of ninjas has formed. I usually try to hold back, talk some sense into the hoard of Samurai's. I'll say, "Okay, men, listen up. Guys don't cry. Even if this movie makes me think of how wonderful my life is and how blessed I am...Guys don't cry."

The talk doesn't work. I feel the charge. My mind rushes to panic mode...usually trying all tactics with a hope of holding back the fierce gang of sword wielding ninjas. A cough.

Doesn't work.

The movie gets sadder.

By now, I peek at the wife. Tears streaming down her eyes..."You can't let this happen, you ninny!" says my man aura.

A quick laugh...usually very inappropriate for the scene, but I can't hold back.

That means the gates are opening...



Stacy shares her Kleenex and I do a quick look around the room to make sure nobody is pointing an laughing at the silly crying man.

Additional Information:
What made me cry? It was the new movie "Marley & Me" check it out: Marley and Me website
Painting - Crying Man by Kazuya Akimoto. Check out additional work here: Additional Works


Stacy said...

I don't think ANYONE can not cry at that movie, love!

Matt's Miscellany said...

I wouldn't have cried if they took out the dogs, and made it about worms instead. Losing a worm is not sad...losing a dog saddens me :(