Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stacy's Mother of the Clan Present

For Mother's Day, I made Stacy a small plant display using a stylish window planter, which I purchased from Walmart for $5, some rock's we collected this spring from the fields, and a couple different types of Sedum plants.

As for the planter, you can go several different ways, you could even use an old fruit basket and decorate with different objects such as shells. If it doesn't have a lining, use an old plastic bag to line the planter, but make sure to poke some holes in the bag for proper drainage. Once you have chosen the perfect planter, fill it with planting soil, or just some good dark soil from the yard.

From here, I arranged the planter with different rocks. Stacy likes to go rock collecting, it's been a hobby of hers since her childhood, and I usually go along to carry the rocks. To make the gift special, I chose some of my favorite rocks we collected together to use in the arrangement. You can use other objects too, such as shells or driftwood. I chose different sizes of rocks and placed them throughout the pot.

At this point, I planted the sedum. Using three different types for there aesthetic presentation. Sedum is a plant that grows around rocks and is very stable. It's a tough plant to kill. It's good in sunlight and light sun, and can live without a lot of water. Since I had some open spots, I covered those with a few more rocks.

Finally, the garden came together.

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Quentin said...

Dude, you rock! Don't let Alli see this!