Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hurt Again...

I'm starting to think this isn't for me. I sliced open my right hand, today. I was rushing around, doing more than I should with an injured hand, and when I went to empty the trash, my hand slipped. My fingers hit a metal stand. Both my middle finger and ring finger received stiches.

Before May, I had never been stitched up. Now, I can claim to be the recipient of 21 stitches in the past 2 weeks.

Let's just say that I'm having a very sore...and unlucky month.

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SuzyQ said...

I am sorry you got hurt again, love. I think managing IS the job for you - just maybe not where you are at right now - seems like it is set up bad - always running out of food, running out of $1's on a holiday weekend, bad scheduling - etc - it is just setting you up to overdo yourself to overcompensate for what is already wrong there - you shouldn't be the one to take on the brunt of the problems there - those problems existed before you got there - you can't fix them all - and they need to stop taking advantage of you being such a good guy - you are stretching yourself too think - take a step back from things to see the whole picture - this job isn't worth losing your hand over. Things will work out - they always do.