Thursday, May 22, 2008

My first visit to Dr. Tumi's office.

Today I made my first visit back to see Dr. Tumulari. My thumb is doing fine. I was able to get off of the antibiotics, and received a new splint. The new splint is a lot less bulky and breaths better, but I still wrap it because my pins are exposed with the new splint. I'm more comfortable when its wrapped.

I also found out a few things about the injury since I was unable to see it after my surgery. Two yellow capped pins are currently stuck in my thumb to restrict movement. I was worried that I had lost movement in the tip of my thumb, but the lost sensation was due to the pins. These pins will hopefully be removed on June 5th.

Also, my stitches come out next week. I received a total of 9 stitches. In the pictures, you can see two incissions on my thumb. The first cut was the actually injury, and the second cut was made by Dr. Tumi to retrieve the tendon since it retracted after being severed. Pretty gruesome stuff.

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