Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Indianapolis Pacers select...Kosta Koufos

I bet you $1000 that the Pacer's mess this up. They'll select some big nobody who will be arrested for smoking pot or beating their girlfriends within the first year, but if they draft with a little brains the Pacer's may be able to turn this team around.

So, the first player on my wishlist is fellow Ohio State big man, Kosta Koufos. At 7'1 and 265, Koufos is a scorer and fits well with a line-up featuring Dunleavy and Granger. He brings a variety of offensive weapons. While not the most dominant post player in the draft, his back to the basket moves are better than those that any current Pacer can offer including the much maligned Jermaine O'neal.

Here's a quick snippet of what Draft Express states about Koufos, " Looking at Koufos’ game, there is certainly a lot to like, starting with some of his abilities in the post, specifically his back-to-the-basket finesse game"

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