Friday, February 29, 2008

Working Late at the Bell

Okay, so tonight was my first late shift, and it was pretty eventful. Since my schedule is piggybacked with the GM for training purposes, the late-night regulars were pushed pretty hard. In my opinion, they don't typically work as hard when the GM isn't present. One latenighter stated, "I haven't worked this hard all year, and its just because (the GM) is here." Another interested comment came from the MIC (manager in charge) after I made a mistake an ran out of ones, he stated, "Welcome to late nights, kid."

I had plenty of action during my shift. We had gunshots ring in the air from a shot at the bar behind the restaurant, one visitor (and I call him a visitor because he didn't by anything) sat in the store for two hours before leaving only to return and request an ambulance.

Overall, it was a fun time. A lot more of the backroom responsibilities can be completed on a late night shift.

(Photo is a random photo I stole from a Google Image search of Taco Bell Employees)

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