Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Morning Rituals

Here's just a few ramblings for this lazy Saturday morning. First, let's set the background for all my readers. The television is showing a Real Estate Show featuring the seller agent from our home purchase. He's pushing a house in Geist. He's been pushing the same house for 3 weeks. It's not going to sell, man. Give it up.

Also, I just viewed pictures from a friend who was involved in a hit & run last night. From the pictures, I'm assuming they were the hit portion of the equation. If Mr. Runner is reading this...two words. Vigilante Justice!

I'm kind of tired of conservatives using liberals in their hate crimes, but Mitt Romney does have some nice hair. He should be on one of those Jellin' commercials.

My superbowl prediction: Giants 23 - Patriots 14. MVP - Peyton (oops I mean) Eli Manning. Here's my reasoning, I know the Patriots are good, but I have applied the Rule 317. Rule 317 states that 'all little brothers are increased opportunities when following accomplishments by their older brothers.' As a little brother, I am a firm believer in Rule 317.

Also, after 2 consecutive loses, the IU fanbase is fuming. They are calling for Sampson's head. Here's how I see things playing out. IU is currently 17-3 and in second place in the Big Ten with a 6-1 record. The still have to play 3 tough games at Illinois, at Ohio State, and at Michigan State. The also have tough games at home against MSU, OSU, Wisconsin, and Purdue. In my opinion, at Northwestern, at Penn State, and home against Minnesota are easy W's, but I will likely lose at OSU or MSU and maybe a home lost. I see IU going into the Big Ten tourney with a record of 26-5. Three loses in the Big Ten could still win the championship.

Here's some other comments: AJ Ratliff has never really played consistently, and his is an unlikely contributor to the team unless he adopts a better on the court work-ethic. He needs to play like Stemler with a vertical leap. He's way behind the others due to his academic mishap earlier in the season.

IU fans are great. People who state that IU fans are not as crazy as fan-bases form other schools need to think back to the Connecticut game. In one IU defensive series, the crowd was so loud that a disoriented Hasheem Thabeet threw up an ill-advised shot due to the crowd count-down. He thought he had only a few seconds on the shot clock, when he actually had about 10 seconds to get rid of the ball. It was amazing.

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