Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wine Tasting at the Quasebarth's

A few nights ago, we hosted a wine tasting event in honor of Stacy's 24th birthday. We invited all our friends, and the event was a complete success. Honestly, we were not quite sure how everything was going to play out, but it all worked out in the end.

Each party goer had a designated glass with their name attached to the stem. The design and decorations were created by Stacy, and the food selection consisted of chocolates, cheese, crackers, and assorted h'orderves.

Every guest brought one bottle of their favorite wine. We organized the wine from dry to sweet. The wine was then dispensed. Each bottle was introduced (we rotated introductions by couple) and commented on the wine following the tasting.

Here's a breakdown of our wine comments:

For everyone who wanted to remember what all we tasted and maybe buy the wines they liked in the future:

The Line - Up
- Frei Brothers 2005 Merlot
- Thierry & Guy Fat Bastard 2006 Merlot
- McWilliams Hanwood Estate 2005 Riesling
- Mallow Run Winery Picnic White
- Mallow Run Winery Picnic Red
- MonteVina Terra D'Oro 2005 Moscato
- Easley Winery Cayuga
- Olivery Winery Mango Honey Wine

Bonus Wines:
- Ravenswood Vinter Blend 2004 Shiraz
- Spadina 2002

And of course gave out awards for the best and worst wines!

Best Wine of the Evening:
- MonteVina Terra D'Oro 2005 Moscato

Best Wine of Evening Runners Up:
- Easley Winery Cayuga
- Thierry & Guy Fat Bastard 2006 Merlot

Worst Wine of the Evening:
- McWilliams Hanwood Estate 2005 Riesling

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