Friday, February 15, 2008

Kelvin Sampson the Anti-Coach

Okay, so here is my Kelvin Sampson opinion. He sucks. This drama should never have occurred within such a storied establishment as Indiana University. To hire someone with such questionable integrity was such a risk, and Indiana will now pay the price. Most devastating is the legitimate concern that he lied.

A coach is a coach. Someone who is put in a position of responsibility with the intention that they will benefit and grow their students. I hope that IU can avoid sanctions that limit post-season play, but I have a strong feeling that they will be facing a one or two year ban of post-season action.

Moving forward, IU must become a stronger team. They need to center around their true court leader, DJ White, and they need to persevere through these confusing times.

Out of hard times, comes courage, and from strength one builds strength.

Indiana, our Indiana
Indiana, we're all for you!
We will fight for the cream and crimson
For the glory of old IU
Never daunted, we cannot falter
In the battle, we're tried and true
Indiana, our Indiana,
Indiana we're all for you! I-U!

Fight for the Cream and Crimson,
Loyal sons of our old I. U.
Fight for your Alma Mater,
and the school you love so true.
Fight for old Indiana,
See her victories safely through,
For the glory of old I. U.!

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