Friday, February 8, 2008

Elevator Dream

So last night, I dreamed that I entered an elevator and the elevator fell. It was one of the 'wake up in a cold sweat' dreams. I was a little curious about what the dream could symbolize and here are a few ideas I've found on the web.

First, from Dream Symbols, Guest Author, Pathena Black states, "Descending in an elevator may symbolize a descent into the unconscious to explore hidden issues or meanings. Traveling downwards can also represent a feeling of loss of personal power or control, or a feeling of losing progress."

According to Dream Centrals, Dream Dictionary, "An elevator dream is a rather complex dream and you should interpret it in light of all the other symbols in your dream, for one thing, if the elevator is going up your fortunes will increase, down is the opposite. If the elevator continues to go up and down with out letting you off means you have let your emotions, or your situation, get out of control and must do something to stop it."

Finally, a post from the Arizona Republic states, "Many dreamers have frightening elevator dreams: a cable breaks and they plummet down or somehow they are launched into space. In the first instance, the subconscious could be forecasting something the dreamer would see as a drastic loss, the stock market turning south or losing one's job. In the second, the dreamer could be in store for a fabulous promotion or opportunity."

So, the dream probably was a subconscious awareness of my second day at the Bell. Who knows?

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