Sunday, June 8, 2008

Visiting the Canal

Stacy and I recently took a walk around the canal. It's such a neat area of Indianapolis. You get to see the museums, the monuments, and all the people. During our trip, we met a young couple who chatted with us about Lola and life, we got to pose for pictures during a IUPUI scavenger hunt, but most of all, we got to relax a little. Here's a few pictures from our Sunday adventure.

[Here's a quick snapshot of me feeding the Indiana State Museum mammoths]
[View of downtown from the Indiana State Museum]

[Clouds outside the ISM]

[Stacy cooling off her feet at one of the several waterfalls lining the canal.]

More canal information: (from Discover Indiana's heritage as you meander along the limestone walkway, enjoying a stunning backdrop of the Downtown skyline. This cultural destination boasts seven major attractions, festival space, public art, unique cafes and three miles of walkways on the refurbished historic Central Canal.

Canal Information

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