Thursday, June 12, 2008

Injury Update - Fluidotherapy

Well, I'm stitch free, pin free, and now I start my therapy. (Isn't that a fun bunch of alliteration).

Anyways, I had my first therapy session, and it consisted of a basic movement exam. I had several tests to check the movement of my left thumb and several tests to check the pressure of the grip on my left hand. In one test, which required me to pinch a pressure gauge with my thumb and index finger, I squeezed a score of 16 (PSI likely) with my right hand, but only a score of 5 with my left hand. That means that I have a ways to go. One of the movement tests had me touch each finger to the tip of my thumb, I was only able to touch my pinkie and thumb together, and that was pretty tough.

My favorite part was the fluidotherapy machine. Basically, its a big machine which requires me to stick my hand into a base of sand (or small grounds of corn) and then the sand is heated and moved around my hand relaxing the joints and muscles. Being a little mischievous, I enjoyed playing in the sand.

Here's a more technical description of Fluidotherapy:

Fluidotherapy is a useful mechanical device for occupational therapists which can be successfully used to help treat a wide variety of afflictions: pain treatment, range of motion, blow flow insufficiency, arthritic treatment, wounds and swelling. The effectiveness of using Fluidotherapy in a therapeutic setting is based on its ability to simultaneously apply heat, massage, sensory stimulation for desensitization, levitation, and pressure oscillations.

I took a picture of the machine with my cellphone, and will post it up soon. Other than that, I'm getting ready to mow the jungle, aka the backyard. Then Stacy and I have plans for dining at the Capital Grill, with a nightcap movie presentation at the IMAX theater.

Fun, fun, fun.

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