Friday, June 6, 2008

It's a Weezer Weekend - Island in the Sun

I was half-tempted to sell out and include Buddy Holly in my salute to Weezer, but no, today's Weezer video is a little more personal. This song wasn't originally included in the 2001 release of the band's album, "Green Album", but due to some pressure from the album's producer, Ric Ocasek, it ended up in the final product. Ultimately, it has become a fixture in their shows. Frontman, Rivers Cuomo, usually leads into the encore by performing acoustic version on stage.

Two versions of the video were released. The first was released by Marcos Siega and features the band playing at a Mexican Wedding reception.

The second version, directed by Spike Jonze, is more popular. This video shows the band playing with wild animals on a hill. It only features three band members (Bell, Cuomo, & Wilson) becuase bassist Mikey Welsh left the band slightly before shooting. MTV preferred this video, so it became the primary spot for the single.

Also, for an added bonus, let's post one more Weezer video. Here's Keep Fishin' featuring the muppets.

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