Friday, June 27, 2008

Matt's Thoughts on Fourth of July Weekend

Even as the fourth of July approaches, I find myself un-enthusiastic about this weekends activities, and a little worried about what's going to happen in my community. Just for the record, I love what the fourth stands for: Freedom, Togetherness, Community, I just don't care for the fireworks, the traffic, and most of all, the stupidity.

I especially hate fireworks. I've never really been impressed, and I don't see why other people are with firework shows. Oooooh...look hunny, there's some red sparkles followed by an extremely load, ear popping crack. Amazing! Oooooh...look hunny, that vendors selling overpriced hotdogs and watered down soda.

It's depressing. I'm pretty sure George Washington would punch us in the face for the way we celebrate this nation on fourth of July. There's nothing honorable about handing ten year olds small sticks of dynamite and saying go play.

But for me, it effects my pets the most. They just don't understand. They get scared, and it makes me feel bad.

In conclusion, if you are going to shoot off fireworks and you live in the Country Gate community, please go by the pond. Or else.

Yeah, or else, George Washington will track you down and punch you in the face!


SuzyQ said...

Aw, that picture of lola made me literally tear up - such a scared eyes!

Candid Carrie said...

You should let them in the house instead of taking their picture from the inside out ... I know it is a great photo, but really you should go let them in now.