Saturday, June 7, 2008

Major Rain

Friday night's shower made a real mess in my area. At one point Saturday afternoon, all major routes into Southern Indiana were closed. Most areas were experiencing flash floods, power outages, and road closings. By late afternoon, Gov. Mitch Daniels had declared the area as a state of emergency. The damage that 9 inches of rain that can cause is unbelievable. Luckily, Casa de Quasebarth was spared.

Here's some pictures from a walk around my community, Country Gate.

[Photo 1: Entrance off Tracey Road. Once contained two ponds, but has now flooded to the point where they are flowing over the road and through neighboring yard.]

[Photo2: The homes on the far northeast side of the community were experiencing the worst flooding with water flowing completely around homes and up to the top of mailboxes.]

[Photo3: The retention pond facing US 31 was up nearly 10 to 15 feet and completely covered the walking paths in spot.]

I'm just praying for the rains to stop so the water can recede. For more information check out these links.

Indy Star Coverage
Flood Stage Map

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