Friday, March 14, 2008

Working Late Nights

So I've started my late shifts, 7pm to 4am, and it makes for a long evening. Working this shift makes for a lot of ups and downs, but it does deliver a lot of fun moments. Yesterday, or rather, this morning, I learned the primary closing procedures. I also learned the importance of deck scrubbing. For those of you who are not in the know, deck scrubbing is the tasks of scrubbing the floor tiles in very thorough wipes, then mopping, and scrubbing again. It was pretty tough work. To efficiently get the tiles cleaned you can only due about 3ft x 3 ft area, which takes about a half hour.

Also, my pick for favorite customers are the late-nighters who visit us through the drive through. If your a reader, and your reading this, then congratulations because you are awesome. You ask the best questions like "Do you have Tacos?" or "Can I get a million packets of mild sauce." You make the best product suggestions such as "You should put sour cream and tomatoes on your tacos?" We do, its called a supreme. So thank you, Mr or Mrs Late-nighter for making my evenings fun.

Well, I'm 'fittin' on getting ready for my second close.

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