Friday, March 28, 2008

Blog Review: The Father Life - Bock Beer Article

A great series of articles devoted to fathers (or fathers to be). Most topics are wrote in a very responsible perspective, but provide intelligent and thoughtful insights into fatherhood. Recently, Chris Osburn provided a great article on Bock beers.

Here's a quick look into his article, "There are four kinds of Bock beers: Bock, Maibock, DoppelBock, and Eisbock. Bock, the traditional version of the style, is bottom fermented like the others, but this one contains a clashing of malt and hop presence. The malt wins out in the end and makes for a rich flavor without a lot of bitterness. Maibock is the lighter and paler cousin of traditional Bock and is usually a little more bitter than traditional Bock."

For the full article, visit or Osburn on Tap .

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