Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Matt’s Big Backyard Bonanza

So spring of 08’, is almost here, and I have big plans. The main objectives for this spring, summer, and fall is the completion of my backyard. I do have a few things to finish-up out front such as finishing my edging and the some areas where I need to plant some grass. Also, I need to replant Mr. Tiny Spruce, who is looking pretty sad this winter.

The majority of my plans are focused on my backyard. These include the construction of a cement or stone patio and walk-way, the construction of a pergola, and a small herb/vegetable garden in the northwest corner. I’m also undertaking a major seeding project after the patio to fill out the bare spots in my backyard.

Here’s a quick assessment of the project scheduling:

April: Front yard grass, Edging, Herb & Vegetable Garden
May: Backyard patio and Pergola, Mulching
June: Backyard Grass, Raised Flower Beds

So overall, I’m hoping that the house comes away with a more distinguished look.

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