Thursday, March 20, 2008


My first full day was overwhelming, exiting, and very fulfilling. I had a lot to do...all day. No lunch, no breaks, barely time to think. Initially, the RGM thought we would be able to have a little time to ease into things, but it was literally a non-stop workday. While I don't feel that I was a able to manage operations as well as I expect myself too, I was able to embrace the role of manager. Most importantly, I have a good feel for the business at Franklin. Be able to run shift during such a busy period, including making adjustments, solving problems, motivating, coaching, has gave me such a great awareness of ways I can effectively manage.

Okay, so I ran out of beef (and chicken, nacho cheese, nachos, cinnamon twists, 32 oz lids, 42 oz cups), however, the business still stayed open and everyone was still served. Most of all, CHAMPS was still delivered, and that's the most important factor.

Also, I was honored with a great complement. An elderly man, which I had served earlier in the afternoon told me that I did an excellent job and that I will make a great manager.

Thank you!

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