Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today's the Day: Transitioning to Franklin

So today's the day, I'm now in my home store located in Franklin, Indiana. We've got a great staff and a great core crew, I look forward to this opportunity. Also, look for Taco Bell to unveil there Frutistas soon.

A fruitista is a fruit slushy drink that TB is looking to start selling in early summer. From what I understand, it will be available in Strawberry and Mango. Here's a quick review from Back Yard Blogger's Journal, "Taco Bell is relieving hell with the hottest freeze in this freaking 100 degree town. I'm talking about the smack-your-lips-and-take-another-sip Frutista Freeze. Who knew some much flavor and coolness could be handed to you with a spoon straw through a drive-thru window while at the same time rhyming with "Mista." I had the mango. It made me feel like a fool for attending parties & showers just for the sherbet punch. From now on, it's down the street and to the border for cold, fruity, carbonated, tiny ice-ridden juice with real strawberries on top. We can spike this stuff, too....I originally thought it was the "Fruitista Freeze," but then I realized it was the "Frutista Freeze." Apparently, others are making the same mistake. If you google the Frutista Freeze, guess who has the one and only entry that pops up?"

(picture available at Back Yard Blogger's Journal)

Also, I want to put out a big thanks to all of the crew at the Madison & Hanna Taco Bell. During my training, they allowed me to make the mistakes a 'rookie' makes and learn the lessons a beginner learns. Most of all, everyone was a CHAMPION!!!

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