Sunday, March 30, 2008

What's up with me? - A Matt Update.

Okay, I'm eight weeks into my Taco Bell experience, and it's Taco'tastic. I'm really beginning to find my groove at Franklin. I still make mistakes...plenty, but I'm starting to emerge as the leader that is expected. In the new, I will be the opening manager at
Stop 11 and will be running a few solo shifts at Franklin. We also have some big opportunities happening, the Club Chalupa is back and is coming with a super combo! Frutista's will be available soon, but topping the list is the switch to GTO (grilled to order). All of the tortilla's will be grilled on order.

On the personal side, we're trying to figure what's wrong with our cat. She's been having one too many accidents. My wife's been blogger like crazy, so check out here blogs at Squirrel Chatter to find out all the latest details.

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