Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great Dan Dakich Story...

Here's a great post from Terry Hutchen's IU Blog, Hoosiers Insider:

He writes, "IU interim coach Dan Dakich is always looking for ways to have fun. Thursday night was no exception. Prior to going in for his press conference with the media, Dakich was sitting in the stands with IU media relations assistant Jeff Keag prior to North Carolina's practice eating popcorn and checking out what was going on. He said he thought people were a little bored and so he asked a couple of kids out of the stands if they'd like to go down on the court and challenge him to a free throw contest. The kids agreed and Doc took them on. He would shoot five free throws and in every case he would win the challenges. He would then pump his fist and say things like, "Indiana 5, North Carolina zero" or something to that effect. After a while, he invited a whole section worth of Carolina fans down to stand around the free throw line and try to distract him when he was shooting free throws. Again, more fun for everyone. Dakich was clearly in his element here."

Tomorrow, IU plays Arkansas. My prediction, IU beats Arkansas 75 - 70. EJ scores 25 points and DJ contributes another double-double.

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