Saturday, November 1, 2008

Random Saturday Postings...

Ahh, let's start this post of with some Rolling Stones for a wonderful, fall Saturday.

Okay, now, that's a cool song! Anyways, I'm not really at my most productive self today. The blogger at would be pretty disappointed in me today.

Today's and storing the grill for winter.

I'm kind of sad, because my grill season is officially over and I only made it four recipe's into my grill book, but I'm also proud of my cooking skills. This year with my new 16,000 btu grill, I've been able to do some kick-a** ribs, some awesome burgers, and even started perfecting some steaks. I can't wait to break it out next year.

I am electric man!!! Decoy's Lois, Decoys!!!!

Ahhhh...its time for work now. Boo.

Speaking of about a HALLOWEEN picture to end the post!

(I call this photo, the circle of life)


Susie said...

That's another great Halloween picture!!

And, don't give up grilling just because it's cold outside!! Tell your wife you want a grill pan for Christmas:-)

Stacy said...

We could keep grilling through the the winter if he didn't baby his grill so much and leave it outside - but no it gets to weather the winter cozy and warm in our garage! ;)

I can't believe how clean you got the grill, that was some hard core elbow grease, love!

I'll look into the grill pan as possible christmas ideas!