Friday, November 14, 2008

17 hours...of tacos, burritos, and Grease Lightning Songs

So...yesterday was quite a day. First, it was FULLY LOADED NACHOS day....the biggest baddest nacho 'treat' at Taco Bell. Being the first day, it was hectic. We went through more taco salad shells then I've ever seen us sell. The FL Nachos are good. They are essentially a nachos bell grande served in a Taco Salad with all sorts of goodies on top. You get two servings of sour cream, fiesta salsa, guacamole, shredded three-cheese blend, and red strips on top. If portioned correctly, this meal is great (although most doctors would cringe at all the fried toppings included).

Anyways, the day went pretty well. Right at the end of my day, I get a call and the closing manager could not make it. So being the opportunist that I am and all ready having today (Friday) and Saturday off, I jump at the opportunity to close. It allows me to trade my schedule on Sunday for a full weekend off....hallelujah! When word spread throughout the team, they got pretty happy because they really like to work with me. In fact, if you were in the restaurant, you would likely have heard a few songs from Grease 1, Grease 2, and several other great sing-alongs. But either way, they were excited and we had a pretty good close. Even if it was 17 hours into my workday, we still were pretty good. We were fast (Drive thru wait was only about 2 minutes), clean (we were even able to reach all those forgotten spots like the mop sink), and efficient (we managed labor to perfection).

Ahh, but the stories not over, today I wake up to a text message. My weekend plans have been dashed. My boss still wants me to cover Sunday...I don't know about this. I think I've earned my time. We'll see.

But, early this morning, when I got home, I had this cute picture waiting in my inbox. Stacy shared it with me from's hilarious.

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