Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another great Hoosier Basketball story..

Just came across this on I can't vouch for the validity, but if it's true, it is an awesome story about what makes a Hoosier fan and the extreme 'coolness' of Tom Crean. Courtesy of hoosier4life, posted at

Was in town for the holidays, and went to the college mall to start our day. While there my 4yo son and I had the pleasure to run into Tom Pritchard & Kory Barnett what 2 great kds they are. They came over and shook my sons hand and mine and were very nice about turning around and letting us interrupt their day.

So here is the best part of the day, around 3pm my son and I went over to see if we could get into Assembly Hall and just look around and take some pictures. As we walk in we see Coach Crean sitting at the scores table doing some paperwork. I shouted down and said hi to him and stated we just wanted to look around, so he tells me to bring my son down to the floor and let him look around. As we enter the floor Coach gets up and greets us, at which time my son instantly asks if there are any basketballs to play with. Coach says sure help yourself and feel free to shoot around as long as you like we don't have practice to 4. So as we shoot around on the court Coach brings over a brand new hat and program and signs them to my son with the words always work hard Tom Crean(How Awesome). I then have my son stand at center court for a picture, and Coach sees this and asks if we want him in the picture with us, which of course we say yes to. We stayed about 20-25 mins, and as we leave he says you sure you don't wanna stay and continue shooting hoops? What great Man we have as a coach and our players are just as exceptional.

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