Saturday, November 22, 2008

IU just got demolished by Purdue.

I was just doing some browsing through the message boards at, and came across this post from bdhman. It's pretty insightful on the lack of success that Indiana has had in college football. More often than not, especially in my lifetime, IU has seen that back end of this rivalry. (If you can call it that)

Here's his post:

The Corso Years:
Corso was here 10 years (73' to 82'). Overall he was 4 (losses) and 6 wins against PU. He lost his first three games and won 4 of the next seven, including two at Purdue. His largest margin of victory was 11 points, and the largest margin of loss was 21 point, although 3 of the losses were by 7 or less points. I was a student trainer for IU football during the 75', 76' and 77' seasons. I can tell you first hand that Corso mentioned Purdue everyday to his team and regularly challenged his players with "what have you done to today to prepare yourself to beat Purdue?". He used to say that if wanted to keep his job he had to win two games -- homecoming and Purdue. His results were mixed, but he and his his teams were always fired up to beat Purdue.

The Mallory years:
Mal was here 13 years. He was 6 (wins) and 7 (losses) vs. PU. Like Corso, he lost his first 3 games, and then went 6-4 including 3 wins at PU. Mal got blown out once -- in 95' we lost 51 to 14. He had four losses of 7 points or less. Plus, his team BEAT PU 52 to 7 in 88' at PU (oh, for those days...). From day one Mal got it, and his teams always were ready for PU (except 95').

Cameron years:
Cam was 1 (win) and 4 (losses) vs. PU. We lost three times by 43, 45 and 28 points. We also lost by 6 and won by 6 in 01'.

Dinardo years:
Gerry lost 3 times to PU. The first two were close, but the last game we got bombed 63 to 24. It sure seemed like the players had given up by that point.

Hep and Lynch years:

You know the history here. Last year was magical, today was in keeping with all of the other disasters going on in the US. We got bombed.

Overall, we have have only won twice in the last 12 years. Maybe this is why the TV announcers said that Purdue considers ND their rival, not IU.

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