Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Update

Well, I've traded for the truck. That means that Papa Q is driving the cruiser and I'm driving the dodge. It's always a good sign of spring when this occurs becuase the truck means loads of top soil, mulch, manure (hehe), and other yard supplies to the house. It also means I get to start planning and replanning, and debating, and arguing the site plans for my new deck. Each spring, I also get ready for the deck, but usually fail to put it in. So far, I've contacted builders, got some quotes, scratched the idea, decided to build it by hand, gathered a crew, scratched the idea again, talked my father into building it, scratched the idea, and planted some grass seeds. Just be glad that I'm not building something like a bridge or a stadium becuase it probably wouldn't ever get built.

Of course, now that I've had the truck for four day, I've enjoyed 3 rain filled days. Finally, I've got some sun today, but it's just too wet to haul anything. Instead, I've spent the day mowing and landscaping. In a few minutes, I'm off to Lowes to get some corn gluten with intentions of killing my dandelions. In theory, once applied to my yard, the corn gluten will stop the dandelions from seeding. If I pull the current ones, it should eliminate any more from popping up and spreading.

Basically, I'm gonna 'gid-up' Rambo style on those bastards.

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