Thursday, April 30, 2009

May in Indiana - Part 1

May is a special month for Hoosiers. Its a moving month. We typically move from colder weather to warmer weather. Mowers and shovels move as yard work becomes more prevalent. Fields are planted. Mother day comes. School lets out. Summer jobs begin. So with such a great month ahead, let's review the proud state of Indiana.

Did you know, that in 2007 the Hoosier state drink was adopted. We could've chose Dom Perignon or maybe a fine Pinot Grigio, but not us, Hoosiers. Championed by State Senator Dennis Kruis, a Republican from District 14, in Northeastern Indiana, we adopted 'water' as our state drink.

Yep, that's right. Some fine H2O. According to Marc D. Allan's article, State Emblems, states "Unlike some of his fellow legislators, Kruse, and auctioneer by profession, didn't benefit from this selection. Instead, he said he was alarmed to see studies showing that Americans consumer more soft drinks than they do water." Kruse liked water. He liked the purity and the health benifits of it, and that my friends, is pure Midwestern charm.

On a side note, according to the article, Liquid Candy, company's produces about 557 12 oz cans of soda for every man, women, and child in the United States in 2004. Now that's a lot of sugar!

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