Monday, April 27, 2009

Slumdog Millionair Movie Discussion

If anybody is interested in participating in a movie discussion of Slumdog Millionaire, the Redbox movie blog is currently hosting a weeklong movie discussion.

Slumdog Millionaire Movie Club Discussion: Part One

I get too excited for these things becuase I was the first to post. Here's what I thought about the film "To start things off with my post, I've been so excited about this idea. The first time it was mentioned, I rushed out to view the movie.

To me, Slumdog offered a glimpse into an environment that I didn't normally consider. The gritty visuals and the fantastic soundtrack moved the film, held my attention, and made me care for Jamal. That's what I want from films, I want to disappear into another environment. As James review states, "Slumdog Millionaire pulls off an amazing balancing act; part of it feels modern and fresh and vulgar and new, pulsing with the life and energy of India in the 21st century ... and part of it has the classic scope and sweep of a classic literary adventure like The Three Musketeers or Great Expectations." It is just that, a look into a world so different than ours, but so familiar. (Hey, they even have 'Who wants to be a millionaire')

In conclusion, the scene on the train with the boys, along with the MIA Paper Planes song, is brilliant!"

Wouldn't it be cool to be a professional movie critic? I'm pretty sure that's my dream profession, but unfortunately, as you can see from my post, I don't think I could come up with enough things to say.

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