Monday, April 13, 2009

April Ketchup

I know I spelled it wrong. The title should read as April catch up, but, honestly, I felt the tag would be more of an eye-opener. You probably saw April Ketchup and were brought into the trap like a bear to honey.

But rather than catch you up on the miscellany that is Matthew, I'm gonna throw it together. Ketchup style.

First, I've been away stressing, cleaning, preparing, organizing my restaurant for a big, big meeting with the bosses. For most of the month of April, I've totally through myself into preparation for this. Mainly, I wanted my store to 'Rock the Casbah", but also, I was presented with a prime opportunity to show my stuff. Everything was a little overwhelming, but in the end, it came out to be a perfect example of what a little hard work, commitment, and elbow grease can accomplish. I'm proud to say that we scored perfect across the board.

Also, did anybody follow the whole Somalian pirate debacle this weekend? Crazy pirates with their guns.

Another activity that has preceded my blogging is all of the early Spring yard work needing to be done. And the recent stint of good weather has allowed me to be very productive. (side note: It's rainy and cold, today).

Let's also throw some whoops out to some good television as of recently. Lost is simply addictive. I've caught some good episodes of 'The Office', and I was quietly impressed by the simple humor of the new show "Parks and Recreation" which features the amusing Amy Poehler as a 'doofy' government worker.

Finally, to catch everyone up, I want to admit that I suck at easter egg hunting. Stacy and I participated in an Adult Easter Egg hunt (no kids allowed, suckas!) and I only found five eggs. Stacy found a trillion, other friends found like a billion, and I found five.

Oh yeah, and yesterday, I was able to visit my parents. It's always fun to make it home.

Here's of the upcoming ideas I have for the summer posts:
More Grill Recipe Posts
A few 'around the yard' posts
Cruise update

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