Friday, April 18, 2008

Yard Work..Pheww!

So I've been busy, really busy. I've taken to the soil this spring. My first task was to re-seed the front lawn, but I had to do a lot of soil work to get things right. Overall, things seem to be working well. Yesterday, I begun my lawn work in the back. It started with a truckload of nutrient heavy topsoil from McCarty Landscaping. As you can see, it almost crushed the truck. Once I got the soil home, I used the wheel barrel to move it into the backyard. All of it was pretty tough work. I also got a load of aged manure for my wifes garden.

Today, I'm going to build her a raised garden bed so that she can begin to plant this weekend. I also want to extend my drains further using the 'french drain basin' technique. Most of all, I plan on putting together my Brinkman Grill.

I love sunny weather.

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