Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Socially Responsible Restaurants - article wrote by

In this recent article, Janie Gabbett state's the increasing trend towards social responsibility in the restaurant industry. Full product disclosure is becoming more and more important as consumers find themselves eating more meals on the go. This trend along with the popularity of environmentally friendly restaurants like Burgerville is an interesting development.

Ahhhh, but when are we going to get a Burgerville in the midwest!

Consumers Looking For Socially Responsible Restaurants
by Janie Gabbett

Close to 80 percent of consumers claim they would respond favorably to a socially responsible restaurant by visiting more often and/or paying more, according to a recent study.

Food industry research firm Technomic Inc., in its second annual social responsibility study, polled 600 consumers nationally aged 18 to 64, asking them to rank the three most pressing social issues for the restaurant industry to address.

Study participants ranked nutritional disclosure and nutritional accommodations high on their lists out of 17 social issues.

"We find increasingly strong evidence that consumers expect both chain and independent restaurants to be more socially responsive, and nutrition is a clear priority," Technomic Executive Vice President Bob Goldin said in a news release.

Of those polled, 49 percent ranked "living wages" in their top three, followed by 33 percent ranking "responding to nutritional concerns", 31 percent ranking "health insurance coverage" and 29 percent ranking "nutritional disclosure."

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