Tuesday, April 8, 2008

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me (My 100th Post)

I've been wanting to do a special post for my 100th posting, and I felt that this would be a great way to celebrate this milestone. Here's five things that you may (or may not have) known about me.

First, Stacy and I eloped on a weekday at the Marion County courthouse. We had tried to elope before at such locations as Hart Michigan, Angola Indiana, Dayton Ohio, and Cozumel Mexico, but things never worked out. Finally, we just decided that Indianapolis was the best place for us. Here's another little tidbit about my wedding day, I not only was the groom, but I also performed the tasks of photographer, florist, and cake cutter.

Second, I have visited Cancun Mexico five times in my life. Twice with my parents as a child, once with the Spanish club in highschool, and twice with Stacy.

The third factoid about me involves my dog named Showbiz. A lot of people think that the name Showbiz was derived from the old pizza joint called Showbiz Pizza. But they are wrong, Showbiz is a descriptive name about here cheerful and personable disposition. She has always been a very friendly dog, but that's what I get for raising her in a fraternity house.

Fourthly, I have attended four colleges. I began my undergraduate education at Tri-State University. There I was a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity, Student Representative, Resident Assistant, and all around nice guy. After falling in love with my beautiful wife, Stacy, I transferred to IUPUI where I finished my degree in General Studies. Following IUPUI, I entered a Master's program at the American University, but withdrew from the program before classes started. I then entered the Master in Business Administration program through Indiana Wesleyan University, where I graduated in August of 2007.

Although there is several things in which I haven't mentioned, such as my book, Passion Zone "Developing Passion in Business", my keynote speeches for organization such as America Reads and the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, my final 'did ya know' involves a very early failure in my life. I actually attended pre-school twice. Initially, I was withheld because of my age.

Alright, that's five things. I hope you know a little more about me.

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SuzyQ said...

I learned something and I thought I knew everything! Love you!