Friday, April 18, 2008

Indiana Earthquake

At 4:37 am, Southern Indiana felt the rattle of a 5.2 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was somewhere in Southern Illinois, but the Indy Star reports that shakes were felt throughout Indiana. I, of course, was in bed. I did here some things fall (a few bowls fell of the counter), but blamed Little Kitty for the crashes originally. According to the article, an Indiana Professor in the Geological department states, "What we’re seeing today is fairly typical in this area. It seems like we get earthquakes about this size every 15 years."

For the full article click here: "Earthquake rattles Indiana"

Here's the Seismic Report: "Seismic Report"

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SuzyQ said...

huh, I didn't even wake up...jeez must have been too tired..kinda goes against my theory that I am a light sleeper, huh?