Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pleasure Week 7/1 - 7/7: Matt's Guilty Pleasures

Okay, don't worry everybody, this post isn't going to be dirty. In honor of National Pleasure week, I am going to do some posts about my favorite guilty pleasures.

"Pleasure is commonly conceptualized as a positive experience, happiness, entertainment, enjoyment, ecstasy, and euphoria. ..."

For my first post, let's cover a very deep and secretive pleasure. Most men will admit to it. Some just fantasize about it, but most go all out. My first guilty pleasure has plagued me since early adulthood. I bet you can already guess it.

That's right, fantasy sports. Since my brother first introduced me to Stratomatic, I've been playing fake, simulated sports games. There's nothing like the thrill of battle that comes from whipping friends based off of the statistics of your favorite sports heroes. From stratomatic, I developed a passion for online fantasy sports leagues. Currently, I'm participating in 4 different leagues spanning 2 sports. I'll likely continue to join leagues in Fantasy football, basketball, and maybe even hockey!

It's geeky and my wife doesn't understand, but its addicting and I love it. Just recently, I estimated that I spend on average about 20 days a year playing fantasy sports. Wooha! Jesusgeek put it best in his blog when he wrote, "I've been asked, "Why do I love fantasy sports so much?" It basically boils down to the fact that I hit all three characteristics of the perfect fantasy fan: 1) I'm a control freak. This allows me to have control over my team and do with it what I wish. 2) I get to create. Any sports fan has always said, "If I owned (insert favorite team) then I would ..." Now it's our chance. The best part is we can do it for free versus paying 600 million for the team. And 3) I'm a stat geek. I love stats. 99% of all fantasy sports is all about the numbers. I played fantasy hockey a few years back for the first time. I knew and still know nothing about the sport but I won my league. How? Because I payed attention to the numbers and not the names on the jerseys."

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