Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 25th - National Log Cabin Day


This means nothing to me. I don't really like cabins, and to be honest, I'm just more of a Ramada, pool, beach guy. I've stayed in some. Some really nice cabins, in fact, just a few years ago, I attended a pretty fun evening of 'Guy's Behaving Badly' for my buddies bachelor party. The cabin was nice. It had the hot tub, and the big television, and it was secluded, but its not something I wake up wanting to do.

I've also seen some pretty nice log cabin homes. Not the jankey, fake log homes, but legitimate, modern log homes. They're spacious and appealing, but again, not my thing.

But anyways, happy National Log Cabin Day to all you folks out there. I hope you avoid splinters, and spiders, and have a wonderful day in your cabin.


sierra said...

I am doing a project on this log cabin and if you would mind i would really appreaciate knowing the cost. if no no worries i will figure something out.

Matt's Miscellany said...

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the cost of the cabin in the photo was, but here's some sites that might be a better resource for you.

Hope these help.

sierra said...

they did help thank you so much i really appreciate it.