Thursday, December 4, 2008

My face feels like it has exploded.

Okay, so the last two days I've spent at the dentist. First, for my yearly check-up, then, for a couple of fillings. The first visit was uncomfortable and the second was horrible. In an effort to force a smile, I decided to post some Bill Cosby.

Here's his 1983 performance about dentists.


Blarney said...

You know I used to hate the dentist too until I found a Waterlace (sp?) dentist in CA. They use a water laser instead of the old novacaine and drill until your brains are stired technique. Last filling was 15 minutes tops and no shots.

Matt's Miscellany said...

I will look into that for the future. It took two hours for 3 fillings. At one point, their erected this circus tent thing in my mouth to hold my jaw open. I felt like 100 little bitty shriners were running around pounding on my teeth.