Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 was great, but it's time to shine in 2009!

Last year, when I composed my New Year post, it was pretty cold. Looking back I listed the temperature at 32 degrees, well, fittingly, this year it's 42 degrees, but feels like its 34.

I don't know what sort of reflections to note. Maybe its the weather, or the restaurant, or all the other stuff, but I just don't feel like I want to say much.

Last year I made a few resolutions. I wrote:
1. Find my calling. In 2008, I'm going to find a career which I am passionate about.(About a month later, I joined Taco Bell.)
2. Run. The goal is to participate in 3 5k's throughout the year with the first in March.(I started strong, but was unable to run any 5 k's, and slowly stopped running, although I lost about 30lbs and have kept it off)
3. Energize my faith. Finally, I have found a home and now I am going to re-charge my faith by renewing my faith. (This was a little easier. I've been attending Friendship baptist Church, and enjoy the services when I can make them.)

So as they say, two out of three ain't bad. Also, I made some predictions.

2008 Predictions:
1. Batman becomes the top grossing film in 2008.(This was right on. Christian Bale faced off against Heath Ledger for the highly-anticipated, action-packed follow-up to 2005's "Batman Begins," conquering the box office with not only the biggest movie of the year, but also the second highest-grossing movie of all time -- behind "Titanic" -- sending the Joker laughing all the way to the bank. Total Gross: $530,750,228)
2. Edwards wins the Democratic Nomination and eventually the Presidency.(Maybe not so much on this prediction)
3. The New York Mets win the World Series.(Not even close)

So here's to 2009 and my new resolutions.
  1. I would like to become more involved in the community. Maybe I'll join a Networking organization, or volunteer in the community, I might even begin substituting at the local highschools on my days off.
  2. I am going to recommit to my resolution to run. As a goal, I would like to run at least 3 5k's in 2009.
  3. Finally, I want to make a commitment to regularly attend church services at Friendship Baptist, even if that means, getting up at 9 am on a Sunday after closing the restaurant the night before.
As far as predictions go, I'm just not feeling that frisky right now. Maybe that will be a post later.

Here's a picture that reminds me of 2008 and the year that was.

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Stacy said...

We did have a tough 08 didn't we? But we made it through strong! Love you!