Friday, August 15, 2008

Birthday Post

I am 26 years old today.

This is pretty neat because I spent last year thinking that I was 26, already. It's like a make-up year, which is nice. Do-over's are good things when used in moderation.

Boy, do I love birthday's. The best part is getting birthday wishes from everyone. I always take them sooooooo personal too. Hearing from people you haven't talked to in years is awesome, even if it's just a 'hi, how are you'.

Anyways, I've got big plans for that day. I'm gonna be a big spender. Today's license plate renewal I'm gonna make my way over to the BMV for some hoppin' birthday fun. Drop me some money to get new, shiny white license plates. Then, its off to the optomotrist for some more b-day fun. It's gonna be a crazy, wild time.

Stacy made this cool e-card for me...and I wanted to show it off.

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