Friday, July 25, 2008

It must be the race!!! A quick work story.

Okay, so I worked a pretty weird schedule today. I started work at 1pm and got off around 11 pm, and was able to work with both types of employee. We had are consistent day people. A little bit tenured (they've been around for awhile), pretty quick, and a little less edgy. Well, let me say this, the store wasn't busy. It was slow. Really slow. And we blew through a ton of hours. As I was restocking the food line, a comment was made about how the upcoming Brickyard race was effecting are sales. All the activities, games, events, etc... were keeping people from eating Taco Bell.

Fast forward 6 hours. We're short handing. We have lines waiting outside to order through drive-thru and line's waiting at the counter. Families are coming in and ordering 20 item orders, and guess what I hear. One of my team members say, "You know, I bet it's the race thats causing all this business."

You know, I don't mind the business, but it drives me crazy the excuses people come up with.

Anyways, Taco Bell just rolled out two new items. First, there's the cheesy Jalapeno melt. It's a steak, or a chicken and rice, burrito topped with our cheese blend and a sweet & spicy Jalapeno sauce along with a scoop full of Jalapenos. Don't worry about the Jalapenos being bad, becuase our peppers are processed. FDA investigation is only looking at Mexican peppers that do not go through processing. The Jalapeno melt has a cheesy sister, and her name is the Fajita Melt. Like the JM, it comes as a steak or chicken and rice burrito, but this melt is topped only with fajita vegetables and our cheese blend. In my opinion, these are good value items. Like the cheesy beefy melt, you get a lot of food when you order a melt, but for those who like items with a complex taste, beware. The Jalapeno Melt is very spicy, and will have a strong following, but I doubt either item will make our permanent menu. These items are also available as a box, and come with a double decker taco, cinna'Yum' twist, and a large drink. Value..value..value.


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