Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Importance of Pink Flamingo's

So there is one important aspect of every Yardoligist. (and yeah, I made that up.) 

And that of course, is a set of pink flamingos!

By the way, I expect comments on this Holly. :)


Blarney said...

Pink Flamingos rock! Did you know they are popular with fund raisers? Typically a group from the organization calls for a evening 'flock'. This is when each member brings a pink flamingo to a pre-picked house in the wee evening hours. The group decorates the lawn with all the pink flamingos and they do not get removed until the owners make a donation to the organization. Some houses have been known to awaken to hundreds of pink flamingos on their lawn. Now that's a eye opening morning coffee in my book!

Matt's Miscellany said...

That's pretty cool. Sounds like a pretty good way to motivate someone. I've been looking for a set of flamingo's for awhile, and this past weekend I found them at our local home improvement store. And they were on it was a good day to say the least.