Friday, March 13, 2009

The Crab-Apple Tree --- A true story

Last fall, when all the clearance plants were placed on the clearance pallet, my crab-apple tree was placed with the group. While he never looked the healthiest, Stacy and I came along and we thought we could plant him in the ground, make sure he was watered, and give him some delicious tree food, and he would liven up. Well, he was never that lucky.

First, the beetles struck. The ravaged his leafs. Leaving him bare. Exposed.

Then an early frost came. Freezing the clay soil. Making hard for his roots to spread. Turning his branches frail.

The winter snow came next. Covering his base.

By early January, Stacy and I had little hope that he would make it.

We made excuses. The area is bad for trees. The birds like that spot. The winter was just to harsh.

Personally, I had all but wrote the little crabapple tree off. Unlike my pear trees, which were purchase as healthy seedlings and giving the right attention to flourish, Mr Crababpple never had that opportunity.

But, to my surprise, a spring time inspection has discovered some blossoms. Mr Crab-Apple tree has made it through the winter, and will likely blossom late this summer.

In perspective, I feel bad that I counted him out. What a magnificent surprise.

I love spring.

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