Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tree Planting

Last night, Stacy and I planted a 10 foot Yoshino Flowering Cherry. The Yoshino Cherry, or Japanese Cherry, is a deciduous flowering tree that is so impressive it ranks among the best of the spring flowering trees. In 1912, the Japanese government gave the U.S three thousand Yoshino cherry trees. To this day, the Washington D.C area is famous for cherry blossom season. This tree also inspires the annual cherry blossom festival in Macon Georgia. According to some Japanese lore, there is a believable legend that each spring a fairy maiden hovers low in the warm sky, wakening the sleeping Cherry trees to life with her delicate breath.

The Yoshino Cherry is a native of Japan, Korea and China, yet will perform well in Indiana landscapes. According to, "it often creates a real stir when blooms are as gorgeous and bountiful as they are this spring. The slightly fragrant, white to pink flowers for which the plant is so well known, typically appear in mid-March." The trees flower every year but may not always yield the same quantity of blooms. This relates to the amount of winter cold they receive.

With a smaller yard, the Yashino works well because of its relatively small flowering tree usually only reaching 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide at maturity. Because of its compact size it will easily fit into most residential landscapes.

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