Friday, October 3, 2008

YUM to add calorie information to menu.

A big thing for YUM companies, including Taco Bell, is the addition of calorie information to the menu. While this information will be good for the consumer, allowing them to make healthier, more informed food purchases, its basically the re-packaging of the same information. Calorie information has always been available at restaurants, it just comes in a brochure form. From my short experience with Taco Bell, I've only handed out one brochure per request to a consumer, and I've never seen the nutritional guides run out. But either way, its still a good idea and adds that much more value to the consumer.

Other Taco Bell updates. next week brings Taco Bell fans the Triple Steak Burrito. It's a humongous steak burrito (3 whole servings of steak) with a spicy barbecue sauce, cheese, and sour cream. It's really a lot of food for those consumers looking for a big meal. Also, the menu brings out a new Triple Berries and Cream, which is DELICIOUS!

For Additional information on Taco Bell's calorie information:
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Connie said...

Hey Matt! Glad you cstop by for the SNL fun. I have been sent Sara Palin's Flow Chart for debates & public appearances; that will be going up this week so come on back for some additional fun!
Took the kidos ice skating this weekend. The Little Man thought he'd like hockey but that was until he fell; the hockey career is over. My Daughter had a great time and wants to take ice skating lessons. I haven't skated since I was a teen and that was on a pond not a rink. So glad my long term motor skills still work ... little sore today cuz I'm frikin' old but no major mishaps. Whew!
Have a great week!