Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lucid Absinthe Superieure

Now available in the United States is a natural absinthe product called Lucid. It is the first genuine absinthe legally available in the US in over 95 years. Developed, and distilled, by absinthe historian, T.A. Breaux, this drink is made with a full measure of Grande Wormwoood, whole European herbs, and neutral spirits. From, "Lucid contains a full measure of Grande Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). Genuine absinthe, such as the absinthe made during the Belle Époque period in France, has always been made with Grande Wormwood as a key ingredient. In fact, the word "absinthe" itself is derived from the scientific name for Grande Wormwood – Artemisia absinthium."

What's even more interesting is the traditional French way to prepare and consume the drink. The French method is to slowly drip ice cold water over a sugar cube into a 1.5 oz of absinthe. Known as 'Louching', this method allows the water to mix with the absinthe causing an opalescent cloud of herbal essences and fragrance to rise.

This is really some cool stuff and for more information check out the Lucid website.

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